The company in brief

Save Lives Now’s vision is to be an innovative collaborator for our partners and raise public awareness of, and interest in, saving lives. Our mission is to produce, market and sell products that save lives.

Our customer promise is that we will develop products that people need and are willing to buy to prevent accidents and injuries and to save lives.

The products will be customised and delivered in packaging that gives clear information on how the product and its users can save lives.

Our name clearly describes our challenge and we have chosen an international name so that we can operate in several countries using the same name and logo.

Our products:

All our products have been developed to improve the accident statistics in Europe. Our products have been developed by ourselves and we have sole rights to them through patent and design protection within the EU and the USA.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Human Rights
  • Say no to forced and child labour
  • Say no to corruption, extortion and bribery
  • Requirements for approved and environmentally materials
  • Develop processes to simplify the business with our partners
  • Encourage to environmentally friendly development of transport and production
  • Ensure that laws and regulations are complied

Our deliveries

Download a list of our packaging specification.

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Our future

Working together with our partners and customers we will develop products that save lives of the future.

With a fresh approach and new energy we want to improve peoples’ knowledge and increase interest in preventing accidents and injuries and saving lives.

We will create a business that influences development within the area where we can save lives, and that will be adapted to market needs and desires.

We will be fast, flexible and always strive to be that little bit better every day. This will in turn open up new opportunities and generate growth.

Our quality:

We only work with the best the market has to offer, and this means our products are of very high quality. Our current production sites are in China, France and Switzerland. We work with two independent consulting agencies, one in Asia and one in Europe, so that we can be kept up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations, certifications and requirements that apply to our products. Just so that we can stay a step ahead and offer good products, at the right conditions, for you the customer!

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