Blinky LED Bear


Blinky is our smallest life-saver and is suitable for everyone

Our little LED Bears, Hearts and Smileys are so easy to like. Anyone, large or small, can use them. They are designed to be easy to attach to clothing, bags etc., so that they always stay with you and do their job: Of being a life-saver and making the wearer visible in traffic.

Already at dusk the risk of remaining unseen in the dark is significantly higher. The fact is that without any reflective aids, other road-users will only spot you at a distance of 20 to 30 metres, but with a Blinky LED Heart/Bear/Smiley you’ll be visible from a distance of up to 200 metres. Wearing Blinky is an easy way of reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to yourself and your loved ones.

You should look after those you care about, so give your loved ones a Blinky!

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Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Pack of all colors (5pcs)