Alco Test 2 Pack


Alco single-use breathalyser test for a safe decision!

How long does alcohol stay in your system after a party?
Our Alco is an easy, reliable and inexpensive way of helping you find out.

Every year, around 2 million people are convicted of drink-driving related offences and statistics indicate that every day around 1,5 people drive while under influence of alcohol in Europe alone. A large proportion of these are “morning after drivers” who, in addition to their driving licence, also risk their own life and that of others. Make sure you aren’t one of them. With our single-use breathalyser test, you get a safe and reliable product that helps you make the right decision. Are you in a fit state to drive, or should you give your vehicle a miss until you are fit to be behind the wheel? Chancing it can have devastating consequences.

Be smart and look after yourself, your loved ones and all other road-users.

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