At Save Lives Now, we are passionately committed to a single idea: we want to help create a safer and more secure world for all. That is why we have resolved to develop new, innovative products designed to offer you and your loved ones the very best protection in everyday risk situations.

Many accidents and injuries occur because we do things in the dark without being visible. Tiredness and lack of concentration are other factors, as is driving or operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol. We want to change this, and we are proud to be able to offer simple, inexpensive solutions for all problem areas. However, we are not satisfied with this alone, but are driven on by an underlying concern that we should develop more good products capable of improving the accident statistics and saving lives.

To a large extent, the company has its origins in my own experience as a fireman in the harsh environments and challenging climate of the Swedish mountains. Here I realised early on that many serious accidents could have been avoided had the right precautions been taken in a proactive manner, in conjunction with functional and customer-friendly products. In other words, each one of us can make a difference by just small and simple means. Why not make a start right now by giving your loved ones a Flash, Blinky, Awake or Alco?

What all our products have in common is that they are designed to help make daily life safer and more secure.

/Tommy Tegnander, Save Lives Now

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